Dental Fillings

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Even with a thorough dental hygiene routine, you cannot always avoid cavities. When cavities form, you have options for preventing further decay and protecting the structure of your tooth. Perhaps the most popular option available today is dental fillings.

For a number of years, amalgam fillings were the only thing available. Throughout the years, these fillings have served their purpose, but they were far from ideal. Amalgam fillings are unsightly. They are also sensitive to heat, which can result in expansion and contraction – causing them to crack or fall out of the filling. In addition, placing amalgam fillings requires a substantial amount of your natural tooth to be removed, weakening the structural integrity of the entire tooth. For these reasons and more, Ham, Dixon & Boles has been a metal free practice for over 25 years.

Alternatives to Metal

At our Wilson, North Carolina office, we offer white fillings and porcelain inlays instead of traditional amalgam fillings. With white fillings, a composite resin is applied to your tooth before being cured with a special light. These fillings will not expand or contract and require very little of your natural tooth structure to be removed. As an added benefit, these fillings are just as strong as metal fillings, providing you the same protection while eliminating the complications associated with amalgam fillings.

Porcelain inlays are made in our office with our state of the art CEREC machine. Inlays are ideal for protecting teeth that have been damaged by decay on the top, indented portion of the tooth. With the use of our CEREC machine, we can create your inlays in one office visit, providing you with a seamless smile while also strengthening your teeth and avoiding further decay.

When you come to us for a filling, one of our dentists will work closely with you to determine what solution is best suited to meet your needs. We believe that every smile deserves the greatest care, and will work to ensure you are provided with the strong, beautiful smile you deserve.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are frequently used in smile makeovers, but can also be used as a single solution for teeth that are chipped, broken, misshapen, or weakened by decay.



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