Migraine Treatment

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Migraine headaches are perhaps the most painful and debilitating type of headache. Affecting millions of Americans, the exact cause of migraine headaches is still unknown. However, several medical studies have found a link between headaches that feel like migraines to the sufferer and problems with the temporomandibular joint. These problems are known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD or TMJ). Fortunately, there are effective treatments for these migraine-like headaches.

Traditionally, migraine headaches have been treated with large doses of prescription medications. These medications may reduce some of the pain associated migraines, but they fail to treat the underlying problem. Without treating the underlying problem, you may depend on prescription medications for your entire life, never eliminating the unbearable pain caused by migraine headaches.

Treating Headaches Caused by TMD

A suspected cause of migraine-like headaches is a dysfunction of your jaw that results in muscle strain and can trigger several types of headaches. At the Wilson, North Carolina office of Ham, Dixon & Boles, we take a dual approach to treating migraine-like headaches. First we use a TENS unit to address pain, then we fit you with a mouthguard to correct your TMD and eliminate reoccurrence.

A TENS unit is a device that transmits electrical pulses into underlying nerves. When used in the treatment of migraines, this unit causes the muscles in your face to relax, reducing strain, while also addressing your pain. The frequency is adjusted by one of our experienced neuromuscular dentists to provide relief in as little as 30 minutes.

In addition to treatment with a TENS unit, one of our dentists will custom create a mouthguard to be worn at night. This mouthguard will gently bring your jaw into its proper alignment, permanently reducing strain, and providing an actual solution for your headaches. Using these methods, the dentists at Ham, Dixon & Boles have been able to provide permanent relief from migraines and other symptoms of TMJ for thousands of North Carolinians.


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